From the BC Vault v1.8.3 you can add your own custom EVM (Ethereum type) Network to the BC Vault Crypto wallet. This means you can now use any EVM network with full custom token support!

All Custom EVM Networks share same wallets in the BC Vault, same as all Ethereum Tokens share same Ethereum Wallets (see: How are ERC20 tokens, Ethereum and BNB BSC, Polygon, HECO (and other ETH clones) related?).

Examples of EVM networks: Ethereum, Ethereum PoW, Avalance C-Chain, Polygon, Cronos...

You can find list of EVM network with required details on many different sites as:

EXAMPLE: How to add Ethereum PoW

Parameters for adding Ethereum PoW EVM Network:

Chain ID:10001
Network Name:ETHW-mainnet




Explorer URL:

Go to "Settings" and "Add/Modify Custom Networks" and select "Add new Custom Network" and fill out all the required data:

Once you add the ETHW network you will be able to create new crypto wallet under ETHW network (or any other Custom Network you  added):

You can now also add any custom token to the ETHW network (See: Custom ERC20 (BSC20, CRC20...) Tokens).