Custom EVM (Ethereum type) Networks

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 01:19 PM

You can add your own custom EVM (Ethereum type) Network to the BC Vault Crypto wallet. This means you can now use any EVM network with full custom token support!

From the BC Vault v2.0.2 you can also change the server for the built in EVM Networks - Ethereum, Polygon, Cronos...This means you can run your own EVM node (for example: for ETH or one of the publicly available RPCs: to process all your transactions without the need of BC Vault Servers. In such case no data will be passed to the BC Vault servers at all!

All Custom EVM Networks share same wallets in the BC Vault, same as all Ethereum Tokens share same Ethereum Wallets (see: How are ERC20 tokens, Ethereum and BNB BSC, Polygon, HECO (and other ETH clones) related?).

Examples of EVM networks: Ethereum, Ethereum PoW, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon, Cronos, Arbitrum One, XDC Network, Gnosis, Binance Smart Chain...

BC Vault v2.2.0 simplified addition of the EVM Networks as now you can simply search for it via Name or Chain ID and the rest will be auto-filled for you! You will even get a sorted list of available RPC servers based on the response speed!

If you enable the "Include Testnets" toggle on the search field you will be able to add many different Testnet Blockchains as Ethereum Sepolia, Ethereum Holesky....

EXAMPLE: How to add Arbitrum One Network (Preferred Method - Automatic)

  1. Go to "Settings"/"Application Settings"/"Add/Modify custom networks" and select "Add new custom network".
  2. Click on search icon on the right side of the "Chain ID:" entry field:

  3. Type in "Arbitrum" in the search field and select "Arbitrum One":

    Networks might have following additional icons:

    T - Test network (only shown if you enable "Include Testnets".
    YELLOW TRIANGLE - Incubating network (in process of launching).
    RED TRIANGLE - Deprecated network (will be soon removed).

  4. In case there are more available RPC servers, you will be presented with a list to select one (otherwise the one available will be auto-selected).

    List will be sorted by the response time (lower is better). Additionally status icons have following meaning:

    GREEN - RPC Server is responding and is up-to-date with the Blockchain data/
    YELLOW - RPC Server is responding, but the Blockchain data is not up-to-date (more than 5 blocks behind).
    RED - RPC Server is not responding.

  5. Once you select a RPC Server (if more were available) all the data will be filled in the form.

    You can optionally provide Explorer URL and optional API key (most of the sites offer free registration and free API key) for Explorer if you find one (for Arbitrum This will provide you with the list of actual transactions.

    Click on the"Save network" button to save the definition:

  6. You can now create a wallet on "Arbitrum One" network (or use existing wallets already used for custom networks).

You can now also add any custom token to the ETC network (See: Custom ERC20 (BSC20, CRC20...) Tokens).

EXAMPLE: How to add Ethereum Classic (Legacy way - Manually)

You can find list of EVM network with required details on many different sites as:

Parameters for adding Ethereum Classic EVM Network:

Chain ID:61
Network Name:Ethereum Classic




Explorer URL:

  1. Go to "Settings" and "Add/Modify custom networks" and select "Add new custom network" and fill out all the required data:

  2. Once you add the ETC network you will be able to create new crypto wallet under ETC network (or any other Custom Network you  added):

You can now also add any custom token to the ETC network (See: Custom ERC20 (BSC20, CRC20...) Tokens).

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