All XRP (Ripple) owners barring Ripple Labs and certain previous employees of Ripple Labs can claim the Spark token! The snapshot of XRP wallets is supposed to happen on December 12th 2020 (XRP utility fork launching in December).

TL;DR: To claim your SPARK send your XRP to participating exchange latest on December 11th 2020 and see their information about distribution of SPARK! Once it is distributed you can send XRP back to your BC Vault.

If you do not want to bother with this process, we do recommend you to send your XRP tokens to an exchange that will support SPARK and they will handle it for you! Send the tokens to the exchange a couple of days before December 12th (start exploring options a week before, more information will be available by then). Once you will get the SPARK tokens on the exchange, you can send your XRP back to the BC Vault.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to not miss out on SPARK!

List of participating exchanges is available here: Supporting Exchanges

Further details are available here: Claiming SPARK FAQ

ADDENDUM (23rd Feb 2021):

Since BC Vault does support export of the private key (Can I reveal raw private keys of a wallet on BC Vault?) of the wallets you can always export private key of the particular XRP wallet (this will affect only one wallet - the one you export private key for, others are unaffected) and import it into another software/hardware wallet that supports requested actions for claiming FLARE.

You can have same private key on multiple devices/software wallets - they give you access to the same wallet!

!ALWAYS HANDLE PRIVATE KEY VERY CAREFULLY! This is the key to your holdings in particular wallet!