BC Vault from version v.1.7.0 supports direct transfer between your BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and BNB Beacon Chain (BC) networks. 

You can transfer BNB native currency and all tokens (that are supported in the destination network). Appropriate custom token definitions on the destination network will be automatically created for you if they are missing.


Funds can be transferred using "More/Transfer Out" menu under each BSC/BC wallet:


To be able to transfer funds from BSC to BC you first have to approve BSC transfer smart contract to have access to your funds. You can approve access with certain amount limit. To cancel approval simply do approval with amount 0. Bear in mind, that you always have to pay gas for the approval itself.

"Approve Transfer" is available under "More/Transfer Out" menu under each BSC/BC wallet:

Once approval is executed, you can normaly proceed with Transfer Out operation (see above under BC -> BSC).

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