WARNING: Both types of backup restoration will wipe ALL EXISTING DATA (Wallets) from your BC Vault!

Make sure you backup before you restore!

You can restore your data by going to your Settings screen, then clicking RESTORE. You will be presented with a choice where you will need to choose the kind of backup you made (MicroSD or Paper QR). The instructions will vary depending on what you choose.

If restoring a paper backup, you will need to scan all the individual QR codes, either with a webcam or by sending them via a phone or scanner to your PC to be imported as pictures via the 'Import' button.

If restoring from a MicroSD, all you need to do is plug your MicroSD in BC Vault, select Restore from MicroSD under Settings and then select the backup point you want to restore to (you can have multiple restore points on same MicroSD).

Once restored your BC Vault will restart with its new state loaded.

HINT: If you are unable to log into your BC Vault (for example you forgot the Global password or pin) and would like to restore old backup, you have to first erase the device. After initialization you will be able to log in and use the restore function as stated above.