Example: How to import Solana/Ethereum wallet from Phantom Software Wallet?

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Exposed private keys can be intercepted if not handled carefully, this should only be done as temporary measure to transfer crypto funds to a new secure crypto wallet or if you really know what you are doing!

Since BC Vault offers import of the private keys, this means you can actually import existing wallets to the BC Vault from any other software/hardware wallet (if they offer export of the private key).

This is an example of how to export private key from Phantom Solana/Ethereum wallet and import it into the BC Vault. At the end you will have the same wallet in both applications.

  1. In Phantom Wallet go to "Settings" and then click "Export Private Key" on selected Solana Wallet.
    Enter your password and copy the exposed private key which is in Base58 form.

    Example output in Base58 form:


  2. Now you have to convert the Base58 form to HEX encoding. This can be done with installed tool on your computer (recommended) or online (not recommended - take note you are exposing your private key here). We will use this online converter for this example: https://appdevtools.com/base58-encoder-decoder

    Decoded to HEX form:


  3. If this was Solana wallet use the first 64 characters only: "db0d29c7039875e62a5ad241fa811d880a207d51423fb9e5405e1d36d89e0c25" and import that as a private key in the BC Vault. With Ethereum wallet you will get only 64 characters so it should already be OK.

  4. Compare the wallet addresses in Phantom and BC Vault, they should be the same!

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