BC Vault Desktop Application v1.6.x and newer:

Import wallet was moved under Advanced mode. To import existing private key:

  1. Enable "Advanced mode" under "Setting/Preferences".
  2. Click on "more/ADD MODE" or select "ADD NEW WALLET" under crypto currency you would like to import wallet to:
  3. Open ticker box on the right top side of the "CREATE NEW WALLET" dialog and enable "Import Wallet":
  4. See below for more details.

BC Vault Desktop Application v1.5.x and older:

BC Vault is one of the few HW crypto storage devices that actually allows you to import your existing crypto wallets if you so wish.

Make sure you create at least one crypto wallet on BC Vault for the crypto currency that you want to import an existing wallet to.

After that select the icon of that crypto currency, click "Import" and select: 

RAW IMPORT - to simply import a private key from an existing crypto wallet

TRANSFER IMPORT - link to this page

All your imported wallets will have a red lock icon to show that they were imported and thus their private key was not generated on the BC Vault itself. This means that the private key was not 100% secure, as somebody might gain access to it if it was held on compromised system.

Imported wallet icon:

Wallet generated on BC Vault:

You can actually have the same (imported) crypto wallet on multiple devices (like on your Smartphone and a BC Vault at the same time), should you so wish (just understand the risk of storing a private key of a wallet on insecure device!).


  1. Create a new crypto wallet on BC Vault (i.e. "Secure Wallet").
  2. Use the "RAW IMPORT" function to import an existing crypto wallet private key (i.e. "Old Wallet").
  3. Use the "RECEIVE" function on the newly created wallet and copy the new wallet address (click on the address).
  4. Use the "SEND" function on existing imported wallet, check "SEND ALL" and paste the copied new wallet address in the "Send to:" field.
  5. Select the "Transaction Fee" (or use the default) and click "SEND". Confirm the transaction.

With this procedure you will transfer all your existing funds from a potentially insecure imported crypto wallet to your new secured BC Vault wallet.  Remember that the new wallet has a new wallet address! Take care to not to use the old wallet address anymore. Don't worry, your imported wallet is still there and you can continue to use it (in case any funds arrive to it).

You should now use the "HIDE" function (under "View all wallets") to hide the imported insecure wallet from the view.