A Name for your Crypto Wallet/Sending to easy-to-read wallet names

Modified on Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 01:46 PM

BC Vault from v1.8.1 supports external wallet naming services from following providers:

Unstoppable Domains - Click here to register your crypto wallet name

This means, you can now send crypto to named wallets and give unique names to your crypto wallets and replace long, complicated wallet addresses with a single easy-to-read name.

For sending crypto to named wallets, you simply place the name in the "Send To:" field. If the name is valid it will be parsed to the correct wallet address:

If you register your crypto wallet address on Unstoppable Domains you will see that name in the BC Vault application additionally to your BC Vault Wallet Name:

Make sure you register proper wallet address for proper blockchain. For example BC Vault Ethereum Wallet address for Ethereum payments (and Ethereum ERC20 tokens), BTC BC Vault Address for BTC...

You can also completely disable resolving of wallet names under "Settings/Preferences/Enable Wallet Name Lookups":

How to use Unstoppable Domains and the BC Vault (registering names)

  1. First you have to register an account with Unstoppable Domains (UD) service - Click here.
  2. After successful login to UD find a name you like (example: myrandomwalletname.crypto) and purchase it:

  3. Pay for the domain name following the instructions (you pay only once, no renewal fees apply)
  4. Now you will see your purchased domains under "Account/My Domains" and you have an option to Free Mint (What does that mean?) it on Polygon network:
  5. After clicking on "Free Mint" you will now have to link your UD names to Polygon Wallet in your BC Vault. This Polygon wallet will be used (via WalletConnect Service) to authenticate and control your UD domain. We suggest you to create new dedicated Polygon Wallet in the BC Vault Application that you name for example "UD Control Wallet". Next time you can use this same wallet for any number fo UD domains you purchase/own.

    This wallet can be empty, as id does not need any funds.

    NOTE: Make sure you do not delete this Polygon wallet, this wallet is the only one authorized to make any changes to your UD domain name in the future:
  6. Click on the WalletConnect Icon:
  7. Then proceed and connect your BC Vault Polygon Control Wallet (mentioned above) in the BC Vault Desktop Application:
  8. Sign the transaction sent by UD Site over WalletConnect in the BC Vault Desktop Application and now you will be able to manage your UD domain name. You can now assign Web pages, Crypto Wallet Addresses and all other features offered by UD.
  9. To assign a crypto wallet address to the your newly minted UD domain now go to "Account/My Domains" and click "Manage" button by the domain you just minted:
  10. Select "Crypto" Tag:
  11. Now you can enter your actual crypto wallet addresses for particular crypto currency linked to the UD name. Same name "example: myrandomwalletname.crypto" will resolve to different addresses for different crypto currencies (BTC/ETH/LTC/XRP...):
    NOTICE: Some crypto currencies as USDT exist on different blockchains as ERC20, TRON...make sure to assign correct wallet address to correct blockchain. More information on different blockchains can be found here.
  12. After you are done, click on "Confirm Changes" and connect your BC Vault Polygon Control Wallet (mentioned above) in the BC Vault Desktop Application and confirm the changes by signing the transaction received over the WalletConnect.
  13. Once the changes are confirmed on the network (it can take a couple of minutes) you will be able to use the UD wallet name in all compatible applications. BC Vault Desktop application will also show you the UD name in the application itself (additionally to your BC Vault Wallet Name).

More infomation about Unstoppable Domain name service can be found on their support portal.

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