From v1.7.0 BC Vault also supports all Cardano tokens. Same principles for adding custom ERC20 tokens or using Autodetect for ERC20 tokens apply.

We recommend you to use to get proper token definitions or use Autodetect once tokens are in your BC Vault wallet.

For example to manually add token definition for World Mobile Token - WMT on Cardano:

  1. Open WMT definition on

  2. Use the "Add/Modify Custom Tokens" option with following parameters:

    Network: Cardano

    Token Address: 1d7f33bd23d85e1a25d87d86fac4f199c3197a2f7afeb662a0f34e1e776f726c646d6f62696c65746f6b656e
    (Policy Id+Asset Name Hex Number)

    Decimal Places+Full Name+Short Name will now be parsed from the blockchain.