In case you need to reset BC Vault to the initial factory state, you can do that with the following steps (while you can do it alone, we recommend you to get help from another person to connect the USB cable at the appropriate point):

  • Disconnect the USB cable from BC Vault.
  • Hold down the MIDDLE BUTTON AND DOWN ARROW (and no other button!):

  • Connect the USB cable to BC Vault (while still holding down the middle and down arrow).
  • If successful, you will be presented with the following screen:

  • Confirm the erase by pressing the right arrow (to select "Confirm") and the middle button (to execute the erasing):

  • Once the device is erased, you will see the original "Shake Device!" initialization screen.

  • BC Vault is now in the initial factory state (FRAM was erased).

We recommend you always do a backup before erasing the device (just to be sure).